Bahrain Airport Company announces basic Operations Readiness and Airport Transfer trials for new terminal

Basic Operations Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) trials for Bahrain International Airport’s (BIA) new Passenger Terminal Building will begin in October, BIA’s operator and managing body, Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) announced. The launch of the trials marks a major milestone in the Airport Modernisation Programme, and will help to ensure the new terminal delivers the best passenger experience, adheres to the highest international standards, and can safely and efficiently accommodate 14 million passengers a year.

The trials are part of a comprehensive national ORAT programme, which is designed to progressively test the new facility’s functions, systems, and procedures to ensure they are ready for the transition phase. The ORAT process is split into three phases, pre-trials, trials, and advanced trials.

In preparation for the advanced trials, BAC is launching a roadshow campaign in October aimed at recruiting 15,000 public volunteers. Playing the part of passengers, the volunteers will help BAC and its partners to test the new facility’s state-of-the-art systems and identify any areas for improvement. Stands will set up at different locations across the Kingdom, including malls, universities, corporate offices, and the Bahrain International Airport, were the public can register their interest.

His Excellency the Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications and Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) Chairman, Engineer Kamal bin Ahmed Mohamed said: “The Airport Modernisation Programme is one of the most important national projects in the Kingdom’s history, and will support Bahrain’s wider ambitions to become a leading financial, cultural, and aviation centre in the region. Achieving this important goal hinges on the success of the ORAT platform, which is why BAC and its partners are taking all necessary measures to ensure its success. Turning a newly constructed building into a fully functional airport is a multifaceted process that requires careful coordination between many parties. This cannot be rushed, and sufficient time must be taken to ensure the new terminal’s advanced systems and equipment function flawlessly before its launch.”

HE the Minister added: “As Bahrain’s gateway to the world, the new terminal should be a source of pride for every citizen. BAC and its partners are handling this important responsibility with the diligence it deserves, and we remain committed to launching a facility that positions BIA alongside the best airports in the world.”

The fourth quarter of this year will be one of the busiest periods in BIA’s history for employees and stakeholders. Alongside the ongoing contractor and familiarisation training sessions, construction work, and the installation of advanced equipment at the new Passenger Terminal Building, team members are preparing for the annual surge in arriving and departing passengers. In 2018, BIA handled xx passengers and a similar figure is expected this year.