Frequently Asked Questions

You can register online here or by visiting our stands at one of the below locations during the roadshow from 24th October to 24th November:
• Seef Mall – Seef District (24 Oct – 26 Oct)
• University of Bahrain – Zallaq (27 Oct – 29 Oct)
• Oasis Mall – Juffair (31 Oct – 02 Nov)
• Bahrain Polytechnic – Isa Town (04 Nov – 06 Nov)
• Seef Mall – Muharraq (07 Nov – 09 Nov)
• Royal University for Women – Riffa (11 Nov – 13 Nov)
• City Center – Seef District (14 Nov – 16 Nov)
• Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) – Busaiteen (17 Nov – 20 Nov)
• Ramli Mall - Aali (21 Nov – 23 Nov)
• Bahrain International Airport – Muharraq (24 Oct – 23 Nov)

The ORAT Trials will involve a range of different activities to test the new terminal’s systems, processes, and procedures. The exact nature of your involvement will be explained in further detail when you arrive for your trial day.

The Trials are designed to test the new terminal’s systems, processes, and procedures, enabling to identify any areas for improvement. This will help to ensure a smooth transfer from the existing terminal to the new facility and the successful commencement of operations from day one.

If you are unable to attend, please deregister as early as possible so that we can arrange for other interested parties to participate. Simply, phone the ORAT Call Centre on 17155335 or send an email to If you are deregistered but would still like to participate, you must register again to book another trial date.

In case of cancellation or change of schedule, we will inform you ahead of time via phone call, email or SMS. If the trial operation is moved to another date, you are entitled to participate on a new date.

The exact length of the trial period depends on many different factors. We are confident it should take no longer than 5 hours, but we advise all participants to clear their schedule for the entire day.

We will contact you via phone call, email or SMS with information about your trial day. If you have been selected as a trial passenger, you will be notified as soon as possible after registering.

The directions to the meeting point for the trials of the New Passenger Terminal Building will be provided in the invitation email.

Yes. You can park on the day of the trial operation in an assigned parking area. There will be no fees for parking, and a ticket to the free exit will be handed over to you on the trial day.

Snacks and drinks will be provided free of charge during the breaks.

We will take care of all the necessary items for the passenger process. You will be allowed to carry your personal hand baggage; however, any prohibited items in your handbag (e.g. water, knives, lighters, etc.) will be confiscated will and not be returned.

Yes, you need to bring the ID that you used for the online registration, as well as the invitation letter you received via email or SMS to participate on the particular trial day.

We ask you to wear comfortable clothes and firm shoes on the day of the trial. We will provide you with protective equipment if necessary. We will also provide safety instructions on the trial day.

Yes, you are covered by accident insurance during the trials at the construction site. However, BAC is not liable for any damage to or loss of your personal items (e.g. clothes, shoes, personal bag etc.) during the trial.

No. Photography, filming, and sound recordings of any kind are prohibited during the trial period and at the construction site. Any infringement will lead to the exclusion of the participant from the trial operation.

No, the use of mobile phones is not permitted during the trial.

No, smoking is prohibited while on site.

You must be 18 years and above to participate in the trials.

No, participation in the trial is only possible with adequate knowledge of English or Arabic as participants will be provided with instructions before starting the trials.

No, it is not possible to leave the trial operation prematurely or abort. This is because there is no independent transport to or from the new Passenger Terminal Building.

We are currently reviewing a large volume of applications as part of the selection process. We will contact you via a phone call, email, and SMS if you have been selected to participate in the trials. You may re-submit your form if it has been longer than 3 weeks.

No, the trials are only open to those who have registered and been successfully selected.

Yes, all nationalities are welcome to participate in the Trials. However, you must be a Bahraini Resident.

The health and safety of volunteers is our top priority and all possible precautions will be taken to ensure your wellbeing. An ambulance and first responders will be on hand to provide medical assistance in the highly unlikely event that an injury does occur.

The new Passenger Terminal Building is designed and constructed to the highest international standards, capable of withstanding all weather conditions. The trials will take place inside the terminal, so the weather should not be a factor.

No. Since participation in the trials is voluntary, you will not be paid. However, snacks and drinks will be provided free of charge during the breaks. We are confident that you will treasure the memory of being part of one of the most important national projects in the Kingdom’s history!